House Book

The Snug In Grantown

This online version replaces our physical guest information book for the time being.  Any questions please call Katie on 07990518001 or 01479 870476

Helpful Information For Your Stay

Snug in Grantown House Book

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we will not longer be joining you when you check-in to go through things in The Snug.

We have therefore recorded a couple of videos of the usual things we would talk to you about.

Scroll down for important information about check-out and departure procedures and other information relevant to your stay with us.

Remember to read our Terms & Conditions regarding what to do should you notice Covid-19 symptoms.

How to Find the Parking

Filmed from the south end of town, here’s how to find the parking for The Snug. 

Welcome to The Snug

Keys, TV, hairdryer… I think I’ve covered everything!  Welcome to The Snug and the non contact check-in

The Snug Kitchen

All the things you need to be familiar with in the kitchen for your stay in The Snug.

The Snug Bathroom

All you need to know about the shower room in The Snug including washing machine instructions.

Contact Katie

We live next door, so if you need us you can either ring our doorbell 3C which is the door directly oposite the Snug.  Alternatively if you use WhatsApp you can message or video call Katie on 07990518001 or phone us on 01479870476

You might find video call particularly helpful if you are struggling with getting something to work – just be gentle when Katie looks like she’s been dragged backwards through a hedge!

Check-out Procedure

Please familiarise yourself with the welcome letter left for you in The Snug.  We respectfully request that you complete all of the below for your, our and future guests safety:

1.  Please strip the bed of the duvet cover, pillow cases and sheet and put into one of the calico bags hanging on the back of the bathroom door.  Please leave the mattress protector, pillow protectors and duvet protector in place, we will deal with these ourselves.

2.  Please put all towels and cleaning cloths you used in another one of the calico bags.

3.  Please open all the windows and ensure the front door of The Snug is left fully open to help air the property.

4.  Please remove ALL of your rubbish including bottles, the kitchen bin and the bathroom bin.  You can place your rubbish in the large bins at the back of the building next to the parking.  The blue bins are for cardboard and the green bins for everything else.  If you wish to recycle glass bottles there is a recycling point opposite the museum up at the top of town.

5.  Please remove ALL contents of the fridge and take with you or dispose of.

6.  Please wipe down the kitchen and bathroom with the spray and cloths provided.  We don’t expect you to do a full deep clean but would request that you tidy up and wipe clean the majority of the Snug before you leave.

7.  Please vacate the Snug by 9.30am on the day of departure and let Katie know that you are leaving either by ringing her doorbell or texting to say you have left.  If you are leaving before 8am please let us know the evening before.

Covid-19 & Cleaning

We provide supplies of hand wash, antibacterial wipes and hand gel.  Please don’t remove these from The Snug, we have larger supplies and will refill these bottles between guests.

Everyone using the stairwwell wipes down the rail and anything that has been touched in the communal area.  Please help with these efforts by using the wipes provided.

We provide spray cleaner in the kitchen and the bathroom to be used when needed.  We don’t expect you to deep-clean as you are on holiday.  However, it would be helpful to keep things tidy, and clean any stains that occur with typical daily use.  This will enable us to deep clean effectively when you leave.


The Kitchen

We have reduced the amount of plates, cutlery, cook wear, glasses etc in the kitchen.  This is to enable the entire contents of the kitchen to be put through our dishwasher between guests.  Please do ask if you need anything additional at any point, we will more than happily supply it.

We would still appreciate it if you would continue to wash kitchen items as you use them and leave them clean on departure.

The Main Room

We have removed the decorative bed covering and extra pillows, but if you require a blanket or pillow for your comfort, please ask and we will happily provide them.

The sofa blanket will be swapped between guests, and washed so you can be assured that it is clean and fresh.

We have made the decision to leave games, DVDs, books, leaflets and maps.  Where possible please use the antibacterial wipes provided to wipe down after you’ve used them.

The Shower Room

The switch for the shower is outside the bathroom door, please switch off when not in use.  Make sure the shower door is closed to avoid water drips and use the bathmat provided.  There is also a rubber anti slip shower mat on top of the washing machine for your use.

The shower is electric and to use, turn the top dial to the red wavy lines (hot) or the blue wavy lines (cold) and use the number dial to select the temperature.

For the sake of the environment (and our electricity bill) please use the towel heater sparingly and do not leave it on overnight.  Use the airer, found inside the wardrobe, to dry clothes.

When you turn on the bathroom light this also makes the fan work.  Please don’t try to switch off the isolator switch above the shower, you’ll either hurt yourself or damage the shower and you’ll also find that yes it does switch off the fan, it also switches off the power supply to the bathroom; no shower, no lights, no towel rail.  The fan does make a noise and can disturb neighbours, so please ensure you switch off the light/fan overnight.


There is a Bank of Scotland and a TSB in Grantown and a mobile Bank of Scotland van at various points during the week.

There is a cashpoint at the Bank of Scotland, outside the Coop and inside MACE


Did you book through a 3rd party website such as or Trip Advisor?  Did you know they possibly charge you a booking fee and definitely charge us a commission fee?  Next time please book directly through us via our website, or just give us a call and we’ll set the booking up for you.  As you will be a return guest we won’t ask for a deposit either.

Coop & Other Food Shops

The Coop next door is open 7am to 10pm 7 days a week and you’ll get most things you need there.  However, do visit our other local shops on the High Street.

Cairngorm Butchers across the road from The Snug is great for home cooked ready meals or for locally produced meat and also fish on a Friday.

There is a fish van that comes early to The Square on a Wednesday morning.

Fruit and local veg from The Grantown Dairy just down the High Street, and if you can get your hands on some Wester Hardmuir strawberries, don’t baulk at the price, just buy them, they are amazing!

There are also lots of independent bread and cake suppliers in and around Grantown, even a local private dining chef, or Speyside kitchen who provide meals for self-catering properties.  If you want to know more about them give Katie a shout, and she’ll give you a list – most of them are on Facebook.

Doctor & Health Emergencies

The Health Centre is located at the north end of the town 01479872484.  There is no A&E department at the Health Centre, the nearest A&E department is at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.

If you have a medical emergency please dial 999, if you need to speak to an out of hours doctor call NHS111 – this is the same number to use to report Covid-19 symptoms and request a test too.


There is an NHS dentist at the back of the Health Centre and you can reach them on 01479882160 or you can call NHS111 for dental emergencies.

In our experience you will be more likely to get an appointment at the private dentist Your Perfect Smile which is located behind the Grant Arms Hotel in the Square and can be reached on 01479872107

Damages & Spillages

Firstly don’t panic.  Secondly please tell us.  

We have a steam cleaner on hand if required, and if you have broken something we need time to replace or call in a professional to fix prior to the next guests arriving.

Hot Water

There is a hot water heater under the sink in the kitchen.  It is the ugliest piece of kit in the Snug but it does the job.

This heater supplies both the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the switch is to the right of the kitchen sink on the wall.  If the light bothers you at night you can switch it off, it will take just 15 minutes to reheat.  You are welcome to leave it on all the time as it works on a thermostat.


There is a wall mounted electric heater in the main room.

We respectfully request that you ONLY adjust the left-hand dial and don’t move any switches, or the timer because otherwise it is like the krypton factor for us to work out what has changed when we walk in to a heat wave when we come to clean.

The heater works on a thermostat.  Turn the left-hand dial until the red light comes on.  That light will go off when the desired temperature is reached and will kick back in again when the temperature drops.  You are welcome to use it as much as you need to.

There is also a free-standing electric heater in the wardrobe and 2 hot water bottles in the bottom drawer in the kitchen.

Iron & Ironing Board

There is an iron in the far right cupboard above the kitchen sink and an ironing board in the wardrobe.

Please don’t put the iron back with water in it, drain all unused water out before storing away and remember to use an antibacterial wipe after use.

Owners Access to the Property

We will leave you alone and respect your privacy, however, from time to time if there is some urgent work required in the flat or we have any concerns about the building or contents then we do reserve the right to access the property when required.  We will always inform you in advance if this is going to happen when possible.

If any access required by us or tradespeople we will request that you vacate the property for the time we are there.  We will wear masks, gloves and respect social distancing if you are unable to leave.


We are taking a sensible approach to providing the usual provisions.  Salt and pepper for example will still be available, not those little sachets, we will obviously sanitise anything in the kitchen cupboard between guests.

We are providing small bags of locally roasted coffee from Cairngorm Leaf and Bean and small bags of loose leaf tea from Highland Tea Box.  We will provide Tunnocks tea cakes or caramel wafers, both of which come wrapped, and we will have a jar of sugar – just don’t be naughty and put a wet spoon in there.

We will provide all cleaning products, cloths, tea towels, bin bags, clingfilm, foil, bedding, towels, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, emergency toothbrush kits and shaving kits, a toilet roll, two washing machine tabs.  These provisions will not be replenished during your stay, these are just to get you started.


As per our check-out procedure, it is super important that you take all of your rubbish and the contents of the fridge with you. 

Please use the bin bags provided for both the kitchen and bathroom bins.  Please do not leave recycling for us to handle, take it with you or go to the recycling bins opposite the museum.

The rubbish bins are to the right of the parking at the back of the building.  The blue bins are for cardboard and the green bins for everything else.  We all share the bins as a whole stair so it doesn’t matter which one you use. 


Please make sure the door to the street is always closed behind you.  There should be no issue with you leaving the door to the Snug unlocked however, we cannot take responsibility for your belongings should you not lock the door behind you when you go out.  There is no safe in the property, so we would advise that you take any valuable items with you when you go out for the day.


Smoking is absolutely not permitted anywhere in the building even standing in the doorway with the door open at the bottom of the stairs.  Please take yourself off for a little walk down the High Street.

This includes vaping and e-cigarettes.

Telephone & Wifi

There is no phone in the Snug.  We do provide BT superfast broadband and there is 4G in town.

The hub is BTHub6-F3X6 and the password is snugwifi2020!


The TV is connected to an aerial booster box which is located to the right of the small window low down on the wall.  This should be on, but if you find that there is no digital signal make sure this is plugged in and switched on.

The TV is digital and has freeview installed.  Due to our Highland location and the adverse weather we can get the signal can be interrupted. 


Please do not stand on the street expecting a taxi to go past – it won’t.  You need to book a taxi well in advance of your journey.  We recommend AGL Private Hire 01479872746 or 07701394256


A set of towels per person is provided, and we will change these if your stay is 7 nights or longer and this will be halfway through your stay.

If you would like fresh towels on stays shorter than 7 nights please let us know although we will be unable to provide fresh towels daily.  Please bag up your dirty towels in the calico bag provided hanging on the back of the bathroom door and leave outside the front door.  We will place the replacement towels outside the door for you.


The washing machine is in the bathroom, and we recommend you use the Quick Wash setting, adjusting the spin cycle to the highest for most regular fabrics.  Please do not overload the machine, please do not use after 9pm at night or before 8am in the morning, please put the washing tabs directly into the drum of the machine not into the powder drawer.

Please note there is no tumble dryer, there is a clothes airer in the wardrobe and most items will dry within a day if placed in front of the window.

If you would prefer a laundry service or a laundromat there is one at the bottom end of town.  Red Sock Launderette 01479873668

and lastly...

We really hope you have enjoyed your stay with us and that the additional things we have asked you to do due to Covid-19 were not too onerous.

We do welcome any feedback, although if the bed is not to your liking or the shower too small we are limited in what we can do to change this, but if you think something is missing, or we haven’t done something you expected us to do please let us know.

We do rely heavily on reviews on Trip Advisor, Google and Facebook.  We would love it if you could write us a review and you can even post the same review across all 3 platforms if you have the time or the inclination.

Thanks for reading through everything, it’s most appreciated

Katie & Gavin